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Welcome to the SOCAN blog: Music. People. Connected.

Published 04/20/2013

By Eric Baptiste




These three words pretty much sum up all parts of SOCAN. These words are our tagline, and we believe there’s no better description and name for our blog.

So, welcome to “Music.People.Connected.” – the online centre for dialogue, education and debate on virtually everything pertaining to music rights.

With Music.People.Connected. we plan to provide a platform for conversation on important issues in music rights, both Canadian and international. To begin, we’ve assembled a strong group of SOCAN leaders and experts who will regularly post thoughts and information designed to help, and interest, the hundreds of thousands who are directly impacted by music rights.

Music.People.Connected. will invite special guest bloggers who have important things to say, but might lack a focal point at which to say them.

We are a music collective that’s now collecting music opinion and perception, with core objectives to inform, inspire and, at times, entertain, and we need your help.

Here’s our proposition: We’ll provide the content; you provide the feedback and comments. If we do our part (and we will), Music.People.Connected. will keep you coming back to stay on top of the at times complex and ever-changing world of music rights.

I’m excited about our blog. It will, I hope, fill a long-open void in this country that too often allows those who conspire to break down or even eliminate music rights – your music rights. It’s time that the other side took a more active and vocal stand. That said, we welcome differing opinions, and, provided they’re within the boundaries of our policy for comments, will gladly add them to the discussion.

Thank you for joining us, and I look forward to many lively conversations about various important issues on Music.People.Connected.